A Healthy Kick In The System

Everyone knows that staying physically active is healthy. But what if a day alone at the gym membership in a hotel in Amsterdam gets a little lonely? Football could be the light at the end of that tunnel. Aside from being one of the most famous sports around the world, it is also a sport that encourages team effort and heavy bodily movements. So staying physically and socially fit is like hitting two birds with one stone – or in this case, ball.

A Kicking Heart

Since football requires a lot of bodily movements, this in turn, improves cardiovascular activity. The cause to pant and breathe deeply is actually an exercise to the lungs as the body moves around. Kids and kids-at-heart can participate in football, given that they play at their appropriate physical capacities.

Kicking the Fat Away

With a lot of running and sweating, losing fat is a guarantee. A lot of calories can be burned through so much body movements involved in soccer. From warm-ups to the game proper, losing a few pounds is a sure thing.

Flex it

Muscle toning can also be achieved in playing football. Due to shifts in movement from running, standing to walking, this improves muscle tone and strength. This also improves bone health.


It may not be part of a person’s physical wellness, but social skills are also a great part in a person’s general well-being. Letting children play football, improves their communication skills. Since football is a game played in teams, children can find not only teammates, but also friends. Having a team means having support, and this is something children must learn at a young age. Playing football also teaches kids to respect authority. Teams are led by coaches, and coaches help the team win by giving out strategies and points. This allows the child to listen and follow instructions. Again, another important skill learned through the art of football. And most importantly, children can have fun.

So instead of that trip to Hawaii or that Amsterdam city trip for the family, why not try for a soccer training camp for a change? It has a lot of benefits and also, could be a great bonding experience for the whole family.

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